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Thriving with Diabetes

Thriving with Diabetes Podcast Interview:

Brittany’s Health Journey: Discover Brittany's inspiring journey and her mission to promote health and wellness.

· Holistic Wellness: Get to the core of holistic wellness and explore how it differs from conventional healthcare.

· Mindfulness and Emotional Wellness: Learn the power of mindfulness in managing diabetes and enhancing emotional wellness. Brittany shares practical techniques to incorporate into your daily life.

· Nervous System Regulation: Uncover the role of nervous system regulation in holistic health and how it can benefit people, especially those living with diabetes.

· Movement as Medicine: Explore the concept of movement as medicine and its profound impact on diabetes management.

· Holistic Lifestyle Changes: Gain insights into holistic lifestyle changes that can positively impact type 2 diabetes. Learn how to make practical changes for better health.

It is also available on Spotify:

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