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The Power of the Pause

Have you ever felt like your thoughts or emotions were getting the best of you?

Do you ever say or do something you regret?

Have you ever eaten a row of Oreos (or fill in the blank with another favorite indulgence) even though you said you'd only have 2?

Do you ever say ""Yes" even though you really didn't mean it?

There is soooooo much power in the pause. The more you exercise this "pause" muscle, the stronger it becomes.

My clients have overcome binge eating, improved their intimate relationships, reduced work related stress, and started living in a way that best supports their health as a result of adding this practice into their lifestyle. Here's how we do it:


Practice this at least 3x per day so that it can be accessible in times of stress.

S: Stop what you are doing. There is much power in the pause.

T: Take at least 3 mindful breaths. Sometimes you might need to tune into the breath for a few minutes. Make sure you breath in through the nose, let the belly and sides of ribs expand, and fully exhale out of the nose or mouth, allowing the exhale to be longer than the inhale.

O: Observe what is present. Use your 5 senses. Observe with mindfulness without going into the story or emotion of what you are observing.

P: Proceed with what will support you and the situation most.

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