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Bringing Curiosity to Limiting Beliefs

In college, speech class was my lowest grade.

Backtrack to grade school & I got in trouble a lot for talking in school.

At sleep overs, I would be told to “quiet down” when I would get excited & loud about something.

Needless to say, these experiences combined with many more internalized messages of

“It’s not safe to speak up,” lead to fear around speaking my truth freely and public speaking as well.

And you know what the awesome thing is about fears?

Many times, we have the possibility to work through them & on the other side is freedom! Maybe even Joy.

On the other side of that fear could be your dreams come through.

There was a time if you ever told me, you will be a paid public speaker AND you’ll love doing it, I would have told you “YEA RIGHT!!! Ain’t no way!”

I encourage you too bring curiosity to those limiting thoughts. You never know what miracles may be on the other side.

Questions to ask yourself:

Is the story I am telling myself supporting me?

Is this ABSOLUTELY 100% True?

Who would I be without this thought?

What else is possible?

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